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BORRKSBORRK is a nickname for a whole race of friendly, little creatures. Roughly, they are about a size of a human toddler. The origin of the nickname Borrk came from the sounds they make when they comunicate between each other.
They are generally very helpful and kind to others, but can be sometimes very harsh and demanding among themselves. Especially when it comes to their anti-Vorg mission. They treat it as a very serious matter.
One of Borrks was sent to planet Zoola to catch all the Vorgs, that have landed on the islands.


VORGSBad creatures, that have to be stopped, because they steal energy from the worlds they invade. Use bombs to move them around and put all of them into the traps. Red-eyed Vorgs to into red-marked traps, and blue-eyed ones go into blue-marked traps. Avoid touching them because they will hurt you. Also, the red and the blue Vorgs cannot encounter, as it leads to a GIGA explosion!


VORGSAlso known as Land Octopus. No one knows for sure, what or who They exactly is, nor how old is he. By some considered as just a clever, extraordinary animal, many worship him like some kind of God and claim he possesses supernatural powers, others deny his existence at all... Space doesn't seem to be the limit for him as They has been observed on many planets.
What we do know for sure is that They is only one of his kind. Thus, despite of his annoying nature (he's a thief and pranker, it's also almost cartain that he'll slap you when he sees you), They is protected by the space law. Remember, he is fond of fruits, this might be your chance.