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BORRKSBorrk race lived a happy life... until they came. Vorg is a race commonly known for being bad and ruthless. They invade worlds and steal their vital energy. The Nightmare has began.
The home planet of Borrks was almost completely destroyed, they were virtually at the edge of extinction of its kind.


BORRKSAt great price Borrks managed to resist. Mainly, thanks to invention of smart bombs and energy traps. Now, as one of friendly Borrks, you help others in danger, so as the tragedy, like one that had happened to your planet, will never happen again.


Your mission is to remove all Vorgs from infected areas (levels) on planet Zoola. They all should be trapped with the energy traps scattered over the place of their presence. This way Vorgs can be later safely send back to their world. Move them around with use of force field bombs (find them on the levels).
Beware, don't let them touch you! Also, mind you, Vorgs cannot leave the level area. Be careful and remember that red and blue Vorgs cannot ever encounter!