BORRK is comming soon


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If you haven't, we recommed you to read the story first, here.


The main goal of game Borrk is to put all the Vorgs into the traps. As there are two types of both Vorgs and traps - red and blue ones, they must be matched by color.
Put Vorgs into traps As you cannot move Vorgs directly on your own, you make use of bombs. Find the bombs and throw them at Vorgs or simply drop them near your enemy. Bombs are "smart", they stick to Vorgs when touch any (but only one bomb can stick to any Vorg at a time!).
Also, collect the minerals - they hold a lot of energy and can be used to power up Borrks mother ship.


  • Platform-style, physics-based arcade gameplay with logic elements
  • Smart bombs - they stick to Vorgs
  • Remote setting of place and force of bomb explosion
  • Two control modes: hero mode and bomb mode
  • Drag the screen to look around
  • 4 beautiful islands to explore (and more coming)
  • Tons of minerals to collect